Aekatsuke:New Hope - The Trouble of Teamwork!

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When Aekatsuke and Sor can't get along, Liocraeo tells them that they argue way too much, and sends them on a mission to the Akatsuki Hideout. They must use teamwork to retrieve the scroll without arguing or making noise. Will this be too hard for the two?

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Aekatsuke:New Hope is about a teenage ninja named Aekatsuke, who's brother went rogue and left the village without a trace.
3 years later, Aekatsuke has been trained fully, but hasn't unlocked the full potential inside of him, which keeps being
slighty unlocked as time passes. Aekatsuke and his team are faced with many new Akatsuki members, foes, and even the man
that killed his father, and a strange man that has come back for his adopted son. Aekatsuke is still scared, but he is ready
for the challenges.