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Marathi Song - Shantabai - Biggest Hit - Sumeet Music

Director; Suresh Pitale, Starring: Radhika Patil, Siddharth Gaikwad, Music/Singer/Lyricist: Sanjay Londe, DOP: Jagadish Dabde, Avinash Lohar, , Producer: Subhash Pardeshi

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DJ VERSION of Shantabai:

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Shantabai Dj:

Pappi De Parula:

Pappi De Parula Dj:

Tu Aahes Mhanun Jagnyat Majja Aahe:

Kavla Karto Kav Kav:

Yedubai Ladachi DJ:

Kallulach Pani DJ:

Tan Tan Vajala Mutton Shijala:

Rada Rada DJ:

Bhingri Dj:

Banula Halad Lava:

Durchya Ranat:

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