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How I got from a C to an A: I just started using mindmaps. Mindmaps are charts that relate key words and relevant information in a summarized way. If you spend a little time mindmapping you can avoid lots of hours cramming your textbook and notes! Just read your charts each night if possible and you'll memorize your material much faster. Of course you still need to pay attention in class and study consistently but you'll have much more free time on your hands to dedicate to your studying instead of going through all the written material over and over again!

Making mindmaps and charts is easy. Just grab whatever book or notes you want to summarize, and write the title of the chapter or subject on the top of the page. Some people prefer to write it in the center of the page but I think this leaves you with much more room for writing and drawing.
Be free to draw doodles that relate to your subject. Studies have demonstrated that studying while referring to representative images of your material actually makes your brain memorize that material much faster!
Use arrows to create a hierarchy between information. Conclusions and consequences go under the boxes and parallel information or comments go either on the left side or right side.
I guarantee that when done well, these mindmaps can summarize more than 20 pages of a textbook in just one chart. It’s the perfect tool to memorize keywords without losing the sense of the relationship between them. The fact that you get an overall view of your material just by looking at one page actually makes that subject a whole lot clearer and you can just study these charts the night before an exam without having to sacrifice your precious evening on a cramming session.
Try to omit any irrelevant information, shorten the words whenever possible and use acronyms for overly repetitive “long terms”.

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Subjects like history have a lot of timelines and dates to memorize but you can easily incorporate these into your mindmap as well while also referring to other information. Always remember to make it short and simple.
As you can see, you can actually incorporate tables into your mindmap! Try to do a shortened and smaller version of a more complete table by only writing down key-words. Draw an arrow that points towards the table so you can understand what is this table referring to.

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