Dushman 1957 B&W - Dramatic Movie | Dev Anand, Usha Kiran, Prabhu Dayal

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Director: Raj Rishi
Producer: H.S. Kavatra
Genre: Drama
Music: Husanlal Bhagatram
Year: 1957
Cast: Dev Anand, Usha Kiran, Prabhu Dayal

Synopsis: Thirteen Thousand Ladies of Delhi protested and raised the slogna that "Films are responsible for spolling their children". "DUSHANM" is the rejoinder to that slogan. . Films dont spoil the children. Their mothers are responsilble for correcting or spoiling them. No mother will spoil her child knowingly but through ignorance they tolerate their mischiefs which at a later stage become bad habits and ultimately ruin thier future. . Ideal mother is that who after giving birth to the child also should- ers the responsibility of framing its character. . Child is like a wet clay pot-one can give it any shape. Ramu was a good boy but he mother who gave him birth was mot his mohter. She was his Enemy (Dushman). Her ignorance and wrong teachings ruined the future of Ramu. . Frustrated and unhappy Ramu raised a counter-siogan to that raised by the thirteen thousand ladies. . "Mother is wholly solely responsible for correcting of spoiling the child."

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